Your Gaming Earbuds Guide

A video game wouldn’t be just as riveting without perceiving the sounds and the thematic music. We all like lively adventures with copious music and easy communication with the other gamers. Although earbuds are said to not give the same sound quality as headphones, there are a few that express dissatisfaction after purchasing a pair of well-reviewed ones.  More than that, unlike headphones, earbuds are more ergonomic, lighter, and usually have an integrated microphone for talking on the phone. Also, they are pretty good outer sound isolators too, due to going directly in your ear. All in all, there are not that many reasons to say pass to the earbuds experience, especially when the market provides many competitive models with high-end functions.

For a plenary game experience and, intuitively, a great, immersive sound, you have to consider some important factors before purchasing your pair of earbuds. Thus, to help your research, this article provides you with some important notes on earbuds so that you can later tell the good from the bad.

3 Tips To Choose The Best Pair Of Earbuds

1. Sound Profile 

This is the function that controls how the bass and the treble interact in the earphone. You should better look for models with a high-quality sound profile that enable you to experience immersive gameplay. Also, if you are available to spend more money on this treat, there are cutting-edge earbuds that allow you to personalize the sound profile.

2. Noise Isolation 

Undoubtedly, not hearing a noise outside the game is crucial for the full gaming experience. In this manner, a pair of earbuds is more valuable when it disposes of a better noise isolation system. Yet beware to not confound this function to noise cancellation, which is a somewhat different function that creates a counter-soundwave that cancels out the sound. However, they are both great functions, so there’s no problem in having them both.

3. Frequency response  

The better the frequency response, the smoother is the quality of sound. Look for earbuds that work on an estimated frequency of 20HZ.

Best reasonable gaming earbuds with mic

  • Xiberia MG-1 Gaming Earbuds with Mic This versatile model with a detachable boom mic allows you to not only play games with it but also listen to music at the gym, due to the anti-sweat function and over-ear hook. Moreover, apart from the boom mic that serves you while playing games, the Xiberia gaming earbuds are designed with a second integrated mic to use it when getting calls.
  • Skullcandy Ink’d Plus In-Ear Earbud Among the many features this model provides, you can count great isolation fit that cuts you off from the external environment, an in-line microphone so that you don’t struggle with an external component and call buttons along with volume and track control settings. Moreover, the comfortable design is accompanied by ergonomic built that makes them not weight too much on your head. Also, the price is more than reasonable when considering all the functions and the sound delivery of this model.

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