Depression is a major and a common disorder mainly defined by a serious mood disorder and which affects millions of people which include both children and grown ups from all walks of life.However despite its nature it is also treatable since support and also encouragement given to a friend or family friend undergoing through depression greatly helps in their recovery.

The process of helping a friend or loved one suffering from depression can be very challenging and is often overwhelming since depression is majorly defined by severe symptoms which cause problems with their daily activities for instance going to school or getting to work.The very first and most important step a person with depression involves understanding the symptoms of depression.These include:feelings of hopelessness and great pessimism,irritability, decreased energy and fatigue,loss of interest in day to day activities,indecisiveness and difficulty in thinking just to mention but a few.

Depression often worsens over time if not attended to or treated and is often treated through medications or psychotherapy or a combination of the two and the sooner the treatment starts the more effective it is.People with depression are often unaware of their struggles and symptoms of depression which makes them consider their feelings as normal and if stigmatized may attempt to overcome treatment.Despite encouragement of treatment being very essential,speaking to people with depression tends to be very hard due to the fear of bringing up worries which often lead to anger and ignorance of the patients.One should therefore be very careful on how to address issues during conversation with a person undergoing depression.This can be achieved through the following steps: first share your observations and show why you are concerned,
secondly and very crucial, suggest a physical with a professional practitioner and at least accompany them to the physical or any other appointment in order to show support.Also help the patient to prepare questions to ask the psychotherapist.With one being gentle and persistent on treatment of a loved one with depression,it often bears results.

If your friend or loved one tends to internalize emotions,they might get overwhelmed once you share your concerns about possible symptoms and signs of depression and at this point you have to be a compassionate listener.This mainly involves being a good listener and being willing to listen without judgement in order to make your loved one feel heard and understood.The main aim should therefore not trying to fix a loved one suffering from depression but just to be there to listen.At this point often use terms like:I am here for you and you are not alone in this,you are important to me, tell me what i can to do offer any help you need and using a statement like i might not really know what you are going through but i am willing to help.

Other minor ways to help a loved one with depression which may really help include: being helpful with day to day activities since depression often makes these tasks seem impossible and also staying with your loved one if you feel the risk of suicide which poses as a major threat to patients with depression.

With this steps taken into consideration,depression proves to be a very treatable disorder.