The Super Brand Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine
Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine – Image Credit:

Gaggia Academia Espresso machine is one of the brands at the market that has attracted many buyers. Hosts a charming good look and a responsive performance. A one-touch programmable push button controls hot water amount and milk outputs. Makes it dispense perfect beverages required.

Just choose the desired beverage from one of the set seven buttons capable to deliver; espresso, capprucino, caffe, latte, caffe lungo, Latte machiato drinks and hot water.


– Ceramic burr grinder built in integrated and bean hopper, a double lid support aroma saver.
– Brita filter programmable coffee quantity calibrated from 7 to 10 cup.
– Has adjustable telescopic coffee-dispenser. A maximum height of about 61/2 inch which help to accommodate a variety of different cup sizes.
– Also has an integrated coffee-grounds container is; removable, from the fore side.
– A pre brewing system has been created to offer a maximum extraction of flavor.


Product Dimensions: 14.6×16×11, inches.
Weight: 46.1 pounds
First date available at Amazon: 23rd March 2010.


i. It’s easy to use.
ii. Fully adjustable, by coffee, water amount, milk amount, espresso, latte e.t.c. You can adjust settings on the machine through the color screen.
ii. The machine is supported bomb proof. Metallic material used is heavily inbuilt with a high threshold power to resist bomb disaster. That’s why customers of the sister products in the industry have shifted to this brand.
iii. It’s long lasting due to highly resistant metallic material.The meter is not in a position that it may be hampered in its operations.
iv. Rinses itself in time of use and after the service.
v. Has a sealed bean-container which keeps beans fresher, a feature other brands don’t have; super automatics machines.
vi. Makes the best ever coffee every individual will like.


i. Expensive.
But not an issue as you will receive a super service.
ii. Sporodical spits which comes periodically due to the air pockets within the inner chamber. The solution to this problem, is for you to always keep the fluid chamber full.
iii. Other different hoppers cannot be fixed. A down grading factor to those who already have the spare parts. Repairs can only be done by the manufacturer, or consult before you proceed.

The Need For The Machine:

i. Guests do not plan when they come. They can appear any time. Therefore, this machine gives you the opportunity to prepare drinks for your guests with no waste of time.

ii. If late to job. You will need only five minutes or less to have your drink. Rather than taking a whole a half an hour or more on your cooker.
iii. A super quality drink. You will realize a difference when you relate the quality of drink prepared by this machine with the normal drinks prepared on the jiko, stove or cooker. Temperatures and ingredients ratios are moderated to have the best ever test.

iv. All in all, different drinks can be prepared at a time. Gives an option to those who don’t take some drinks. It’s also an easy work for whoever prepares the drinks and serves.