Can you mix regular cologne with pheromone cologne?

Most girls and guys always strive to attract their dream girls or guys by doing several things to impress or seek attention from them.

However, sometimes all these efforts go unnoticed leading to frustrations and finally they throw in the towel.

Despite all that, the hope is not all gone because there is a new thing in town that will really assist you to attract them; that is the pheromone.

Usually, this is an invisible chemical which is produced by an organism that signals the presence of the same members of a kind, precisely from a particular sexual behavior by been continuously emitted on the skin. Additionally, it’s a channel for communication between animals, insects, and animals to attract their sexual partners.

However, due to daily human activities on their skin like showering and application of beauty products, the pheromone work has been hindered. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry because this chemical is been commercially produced and can be mixed with your regular colognes to avoid detection of a change of your regular scent. It’s highly recommended you use unscented pheromone when mixing.

Scent or smell instantly affects and impacts our behavior change in a way we can’t comprehend and explain. As human beings as we grow up, we are able to collect scents data and store it in our brain. Moreover, a brain can store between 2000-4000 scent memories. However, because we all have varying experiences, pheromone has different effects on different folks.

So that you can mix them, you need to carry out an experiment in order to establish the right ratios to use in order to gather that attention and attraction from your crush. If you do it well, it will be a secret invisible love potion and it will yield results.

Before applying on your body, this is a guide on how to mix your pheromone and your regular cologne to get the best mixture:

  • To begin with, you may take 1 drop of the unscented pheromone and add to two drops of your cologne or 2 drops of the unscented pheromone and 1 drop of the cologne and then observe the results. Your nose should be your guide always.
  • Please avoid cologne fragrances if you are not a pro because they are very complex, and also mixing two scented products can yield unexpected results.
  • Use different ratios until you get to the one that suits you. Knowing about the type of the pheromone is very important because they are mixed differently.
  • It’s always advisable to shake the mixture before applying.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid applying on your clothes if it will stain them because some pheromones for men products are usually made for applying directly on the skin like on wrist, chest and also on the neck, although some you can apply on the clothes if you want a lasting scent.
  • Avoid applying on uncovered parts of the body because it will be noticed and raise suspicion.

In conclusion, a mixture of pheromone and regular cologne will always serve its purpose if the mixing is done properly. Contrary, it only brings about the attractiveness nature of a person using it, so you have to act friendly.

The expected results will come up slowly by slowly, just be patient. Finally, when the pheromone product is used with a good cologne, it’s always effective depending on the environment.